My Texas 2006

Sherry Shriner’s mimic our world needs a wake up call. I thought that if you were a Christian, a believer then you are no longer a part of the world. A part of this mess. What else does the world need a wake up call on. Do we need more sermons? Do we need more caffeine? Are you advertising for Folger’s coffee now. Or are you advertising for the bankrupt trumpet for the elites and the powers that are keeping this whole deal on lockdown. Christ probably won’t return soon. Have you ever thought about that.
Do your best to make some space birthday cake — with what we have, says Andrew Morgan. Well what we have is paralysis mixed with stupid people. And that Wolf bat hybrid thing that Sherry Shriner talks about. The classic walking liberty design, says RCTV.
Well Eno we are calling our dogs apostles now. Is our species legal? I mean is God living in Sleepy Hollow?Gilgamesh parallels our own bible. This is almost like some Kurt Russel movie where he is always walking around and not shaving his armpits. Micky from Rocky.
Evil triumphs while the knights of good are slaughtered. A Mississipi hick. Or course you don’t want to stick your finger in a pen full of rabid grackles. I don’t know — do grackles even get rabid. Does Yahweh have a tradition of turning a species rabid? What is worse a rabid bobcat or seeing a white person decked out in cross colors wigger attire.
Bringing on their own amnesia, says Laura Ingraham. Super super Yahweh. I am not seeing how he is helping to solve any problems.
Why are you covering up for the bad guys, says D’nesh D’Souza. With the 9/11 amnesia, says Laura Ingraham.Maybe God has been over served.

I am hoping that this faith and forgiveness game that we can trust that God is the professional. I say gosh, says Chauntae Davies. It is more than gosh that is going on. And it is going to take more than uber eats to get people well fed. I mean maybe Yahweh doesn’t have my back. I see Yahweh saying yes to the peeping toms. And no to the people who just want their crops to come in. But then that goes back to the whole adam and eve deal. God seems to have a wide range of interests. Sometimes I wish I was just in a coma. And could avoid this whole serpent (the dragon) versus God on his white lightning chariot hokey. God gets the hydrogen fuel cells while we serving baboons get the cheap beer.
Call me a weirdo but I just like to see justice happen from time to time. Not lack of justice. What is the God that I am supposed to pray to for that? I mean I don’t want to upset God and his golf game. I know his golf game is so important. (And I am not even a good person. I call myself barely a mediocre person. But I don’t need to be schooled like a infant on what is right and wrong. How do you know that the person or God that is telling you right and wrong isn’t Dracula.


I see a chemtrail plane

Hey TheFarmerman do you have Sinbad dreams? Stress in all the other currencies of the world, says John Hogue. An eclipse in August 1, 2017 that will pass over the lower states of the United States. Pretty good interview on Coast to coast of John Hogue. Bostonman are you a John Hogue fan? Gemini advisory, says Kaylee Hartung. Umm. WTF. Another greek god mentioned on CNN. Smilyrius do you think it matters if we watch CNN or any of the others? They talk about pagan gods all the time. What are the Sisphyeus laws? Does this have anything to do with the virtual reality headset? Kurt the Cyber guy is selling the Myradar app. Or he is promoting it. On Fox and friends. Radar apps for pilots. You would think that an airline pilot would already know what radar is! Seriously dumb. Does Kurt the Cyber guy think that these airline pilots are going to see a UFO? This on 4-19-2018. Hey Bostonman have you ever eaten donkey meat? The front office is generally white, says Adam Jones. What Adam Jones this baseball player should say is that the front office is generally new world order. These black guys are all antichrist deceived. Have black people just totally given up?
Fresh milk straight from a monster, says Jesse James. We are in a monster haven. Things are going to start getting weird Bostonman. You are going to keep hearing people like Kim Knowlton who is from some council telling us that we are breathing bad air. And that the air is poison. Full of ragweed. I am not sure.

War Crime??

Maybe the reason the news is constantly using the green screen is because there are so many homeless people and they are trying to make it look like everything is happy and serene in wonder years land. Maybe standing in a water tunnel in yemen would be an improvement. At least they are getting some real sun. Police are usually too fat to go down holes.
Tinygiraffe I guess you can say that I am good at computers.
This is a cult mindset. Such a warped cult mindset to accept the fact of the horrid deteriorating conditions. Well maybe someone can find a nice well preserved tooth of a Tyrannosaurus and jam it into Cam’s eye socket.
Well here now on Tuesday October 31, 2017 people are going to jail and getting arrested for something known as colluding. Paul Mannifort and someone named Mueller. And maybe Michael Flynn. Pretty typical of this culture and of the world that before you even know what a word means – some word (like collude) people are getting arrested for it. That would be like if you heard for the first time on the news “electro dynamo gravitics” or something and then the next day people are going to jail for it. For practicing it.
Since when is a murder resulting in a death an assault? Should I eat my curds and whey?Since the date of 11/27/2017. When the New World Order controls the planet. They can say the sky is green and arrest you. Is there an alien invasion? That’s great. There’s a TNA wrestler named homicide. With all of the shootings and people getting killed. We are supposed to pray. But we are also supposed to watch a wrestler named homicide. It is 666.
Chewingonmushrooms are you strong and confident? Do you have a filmmaker’s handbook?
Well we’re back to human tacos. Tacos filled with human meat. And there is a moose roaming around here where I live where moose are not normally found. They are calling it unusual. Treating it like it’s a cryptid. This is in Minnesota. But what I think is weird is the name that they are giving the moose. They are calling it Lucy. You know like Lucy the first human, supposedly. But it is supposed to be a moose.
Maybe I am looking into this too deep. But it could be New world order. They want there to be a bunch of moose and a bunch of Lucy’s. This on 11-30-2017. Seriously why even give it a name? Why not just call it a moose. And of all names to call it why call it Lucy?? We are in strange times like my mom said. TheColorfulgirl have you ever read alien nation? We are in the fourth draft of full blown New World Order. People are being gang targetted. They all worship satan and lucifer.

Jason Lee and Bob Barker 2

The new world order is basically trying to have us set up to get killed by a lion. By some way. And then they could ask for some new teammate to replace you. “Hey can we have someone to replace the guy that got eaten by lions.”
Bob Massi talking about flood insurance on people able to function again. This on 9/9/2017. People don’t function. A mammoth, says John Berman. btw. Kasich is a NWO lapdog. HAARP vs. Mollusks? What do you think chewingonmushrooms.
Remember your beet juice, says David Blume.
We are all Godlike, says Douglass Axe
The Trump Baja project, says Donte Stallworth
Oh whine. Bostonman do you feel like you are one of the lost boys here in this world. Bostonman did you ever used to wonder why your team would always go to Red Lobster after games? Do you think that the world is so evil ruled now by the Aliens and UFOs?
I don’t have a driftwood want in my collection, says Dustin Shultz.

Do you want to listen to Laurie Schact the toy insider?

Why does Tim Kaine have a vase in the background?

Leprechaun 2

Another bad movie.

A lot of slips of tongue. Like Sam Stein said CERN! And let it slip. Talking to Rep. Tom Cole. About Healthcare. I wonder if this healthcare stuff is connected. Connected with cocaine addicts. Connected with the new world order. This on 7-19-2017. So what do you think Snood.
Michael Lindell is talking about jobs that leave. I make every part of my pillow here too. He makes pillows! He is right about the jobs that are leaving. Maybe too little too late. The jobs that aren’t leaving are doctors giving painkillers and psychodepressants. Or people making snake clamps. We are not prospectively in hell. We are in hell. Ed Henry a fox news host even says that part of the reason for the microchip inserted into people is for healthcare. Most people are fascinated by giants, says Vince McMahon. umm. ok. Bostonman are you fascinated by giants and elephant umbrellas? According to Vince McMahon most people are. We need achievers, says Asa Hutchinson. I wonder how many times Asa Hutchinson has paid for sex. Nephelism, says Marty Knoxon. Mermaids – 1990 Wynona Ryder. Pretty good. Saw it on pluto Tv. But you know Helmut Kohl’s first name. The first four letters are HELM. Four letters in the word Tusk as in Mammoth tusk. Half the world is dying of hunger and MSNBC has these people on Kristina Saffran and Marty Knoxon talking about people who have eating disorders. It makes sense only if you know there is a satan. There is always a point. I doubt that a nice guy works for the department of Homeland security.
Snood how many tens do you see in Night of the living dead?

Pittsburg once the Steel Capital of the World.

What are we supposed to deduce that Christians are already flesh eaters and have been all along? Or that Fox news are the flesh eaters?

It is the department of coverup, says Larry Klayman. Woo big word. Like I said I am done with it. With the Robert Biancos. With the Fugitives. With the people who can play video games with a HDMI when I am using an old school tv. I am done with people who are perverting the bible so they can make some money. Like calling it King Ezekial when there never was a King Ezekial. It was King David. This is GMP grade. Eleven different locations attacked, says Monsters. Pray to the God who you believe, says Michael Balboni. Do you buy it Bostonman?
Well I got kicked out of a hotel right when Jonathan Turley a Harvard Law professor was talking about something called the Dreadful council. That was used in the middle ages for law. Where in the middle ages people or courts could dig up a dead person and put them on trial. So. But normally it was putting someone on trial (alive) who was no longer holding any sort of public office. Like they were years and years retired. No longer in it or relevant or anything. Like supposedly there was a Pope. This on 10/6/2018.
This is a purge. Because I don’t think Americans are smart enough to know what the dreadful council was. Or is. Well this is what’s happening. I know that if you listen to most of the news you are not going to learn things like the dreadful council. What do you think. Have you guys ever heard of the Dreadful council? The crap they are talking about is draining water under the sphinx.
Criminal law is always behind, says Alan Dershowitz.
I guess I am just supposed to say that I am one of these “people” that have burned my first chance. It’s bull.
It’s scary what’s happening in our country, says Maxine in New Baltimore in Michigan.
Now they are talking about the if the Disney Brand will suffer after the gator attack. There seems to be an absurd blaming. Do we blame Disney or St. Patrick or some alligator or a face painting show that didn’t allow our daughter to show off her skills at painting.
Like I said I am done with it. And democrats they have been coming to my house with flyers. And I don’t even choose a political side. (Well definitely now it won’t be democrat!) You don’t do the creeping around houses anymore with the flyers. Now. I mean Uranus Wedding Hall? You turn on MSNBC news and it’s all black. The great sit down strike of 1936, says Michael Moore. Well how about all Americans are not playing with a full deck of cards. And all americans are just sitting down. And worrying about stupid things like an alligator getting them at Disney.
The precognitive soup, says Trish MacGregor.
I feel like it is a painting of foreboding, says Charles in Oregon. organically. Watch out for words like organically! Pete Hegseth says that GM and Chrysler are coming back, organically. And then Eleanor Clift says this Bety Ford thing wasn’t started organically. Do we have fallen Angels at work on both sides. And Crysler is freakin owned by some German guy. They aren’t American. What is this Red Dawn? We have Bill O’Reilly now on Newsmax. His no spin zone is him talking to himself. Dur.

Orthodox Christianity declining in Turkey.

There is a recent editorial article in the Dallas Morning News, I read which discusses Pope Benedict’s “historic mission” to Istanbul, in which he will try to establish “fence mending” relations with Turkish Islam… In this editorial the writer discusses the decline of “The magnificent Christian Empire of East,” in reference to the once great Orthodox church of the Byzantine Empire (formerly Turkey). The pope who will meet Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual head of the world’s 220 million Orthodox Christians, who recently said that “The entire Byzantine Empire has been reduced to the Phanar..” referring to the tiny Istanbul quarter that serves as patriarchal headquarters. Today in Turkey, there are only a relative handful of Christians who persevere as second-class citizens amongst Muslims.

Pope Benedict
An act of good faith, or just another tool in the grand political scheme?

Here I think one can be easily blurred by some of the naive western ideas and viewpoints of “Solidarity with Orthodox Christians,” almost as if they are a different species of Christian that our society must from time to time try to remember and acknowledge and embrace… This from the Editorial:

Few in West gave a thought to Byzantium until Benedict cited in September Emperor Manuel II Paleologus in a controversial address that set off Muslim mobs in yet another spasm of inflamed sensitivity. Benedict’s speech —both its content and the Islamic reaction — brought to mind the fact many Western elites take pains to avoid noticing: that down through the ages, the meeting between Islam and Christianity has been a mostly unhappy one. This is certainly true from the point of view of Eastern Christians — Orthodox, Coptic and otherwise — who have suffered for many centuries under the muslim yoke. Continue reading “Orthodox Christianity declining in Turkey.”